A multidisciplinary woman-centered care clinic focused in fertility, pregnancy, labour/birth, post partum, pediatrics and family wellness for the Edmonton area.

We are passionate about holistic health for women, providing acupuncture, placenta encapsulation, naturopathic medicine, craniosacral therapy, doula services, prenatal yoga and babywearing education for pregnant women and their families in Edmonton.

We are located inside the beautiful Lucina Centre in west Edmonton. Our practitioner team is unique in that we are a mix of doulas and mothers with extended training in fertility, obstetrics and pediatrics.  We are available for on call labour and birth support using acupuncture/acupressure and craniosacral therapy anywhere in the Edmonton area.

Our practitioners have taken postgraduate studies in obstetrical, fertility, pediatric oriental medicine and birth/post partum support training and are here to help you through fertility treatments, pregnancy, labour/birth, and the postpartum/parenting period.

We offer workshops such as babywearing education, acupressure in labour and team up often with other local health professionals to bring you information sessions to help with your journey.

You can view the services page to get more information, register for placenta encapsulation online, or

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